About Us

Based in the Edmonton area, Avant Garde offers over 30 years of experience balancing continued technological change in a rapidly expanding market. We pride ourselves on having the adaptability, quick response time and personal touch of a small firm, while partnering with industry leaders to offer you state-of-the-art products. Our Solutions Team assesses each client’s individual needs to create a customized package tailored to you. Developing the IT infrastructure, facilitating software installation for hotel chains, to Point-of-Sale systems for small to large retail operations, we are committed to providing products and services that help meet or exceed your organization’s goals.

At Avant Garde, we measure success through customer and employee satisfaction. Our IT professionals set the standard for customer service, market and product knowledge, and support, ensuring we always meet or exceed the expectations of your technology needs. Technology has become synonymous with change and growth, and Avant Garde is no exception, as we are dedicated to continued growth in the computer services industry and to better serving your future needs. Avant Garde is committed to excellence. Avant Garde is committed to you.

Avant Garde will provide the highest standard of customer care, in all areas of work, through knowledgeable partners and principled business practices.

We strive to maintain superior product performance and to attain the highest level of customers’ satisfaction possible. In the event that our product/service does not meet expectations, we will gladly arrange for a timely replacement, so your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.