Running a business often means operating a website/application under your own custom domain name. This process, among other communications tools, involves setting up a mail server to handle the domain’s incoming and outgoing email (necessary for all custom domains). The thought of running and installing an internal mail server can seem daunting – the equipment needed, maintenance, mail server softwares, electricity to keep it running – but did you know it may be easier to run than you think? Our award-winning messaging and collaboration solution, Kerio Connect, puts all those worries to rest, with exceptional training and support included.


Kerio Connect is an email messaging system that offers features many of the traditional features of an email program, but also adds modern features such as instant messaging and seamless mobile device alignment. The program is user friendly and simple by design. With low-cost licensing, service, and hardware costs, Kerio Connect delivers measurable business value over other offerings in the market.