Public Venue

Today’s entertainment landscape is constantly changing, thanks to technology. Live entertainment venues and convention centres are now faced with new expectations and challenges from guests and clients, in creating the ultimate venue experience for their events. The availability of Wi-Fi services have allowed live entertainment venues of all kinds to provide a more engaging and interactive atmosphere for all attendees. The capabilities that these services provide allow for brands and guests to engage in real-time, and for guests to share their experiences live with their friends and family.

Some internet providers state that architechtural and structural challenges (high ceilings, concrete and steel walls, poor building layout, etc.) make for a very hostile Wi-Fi environment. It’s no secret why: huge crowds in close proximity – nearly all of them using some kind of smart device – creates an extremely difficult place to deploy Wi-Fi successfully.

However, with our state-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology, spotty signal and slow uploads/downloads will no longer be an issue for you or your guests – no matter the size of the crowd. Our systems are equipped with innovations such as meshing and band steering, giving every single user a strong, consistent connection. Better connections ultimately mean more opportunities for interaction for both you and your guests. Whether you are streaming and delivering live content, or they want to share their experiences online, nothing will be missed.

Every Wi-Fi system we provide starts with meticulous planning. We evaluate and monitor every inch of your venue to ensure the network we set up will provide your entire venue with the most effective and highest performing service. Our systems and processes are designed to grow with you as your company does – indoor or outdoor, smaller or larger, city to city. We’ve got you covered.