The rental market is constantly changing, with landlords and property managers constantly trying to find new ways to set their buildings apart, and give renters the best value for their money. Renters are always looking for the best bang for their buck – which includes more building amenities, and better utility bundles – basically, the place that gives them the best value for their budget wins. Offering wireless internet services is a low-maintenance, high-value service that you can provide for tenants that gives them exactly what they are looking for. Wireless internet has become such a necessity in today’s world, it is rare to find any home without it.

Aside from all the small worries that come with preparing to rent accommodations, tenants also typically have to arrange their own internet services. With more reliance on internet than ever before, it is one extra cost that tenants must budget for – and must consider when choosing a place to live, and the rental price they are willing to pay. By rolling internet access into an existing (or newly-created) utility bundle, it allows you to position your rental space higher in the market. The benefits can be endless for both landlords/property management and tenants – reduced overall renting costs, increased rent pricing revenue, improved renter/landlord relationship, improved rental property reputation, increased competitiveness in the market, and so much more. Renters will no longer see you as just their property manager, but also now their trusting and reliable network service provider.

With our wireless services, you can deliver high-performance, cost-effective Wi-Fi service across thousands of units, and thousands of users, uninterrupted. Even in environments with mixed indoor and outdoor spaces, brick and concrete construction, and areas with high device density – you can be sure that your community will receive reliable connectivity at any hour. Complete with 24/7 management and support – providing Wi-Fi can be simple, and rewarding.