Managed IT Service

Whether your business is expanding or simply looking to improve customer experience, our wide range of services are a perfect fit. Our Managed IT Services are specifically designed to be cost-effective and easy for you to budget. Our highly qualified IT technicians can provide end-to-end Remote & Onsite IT support to allow you to go above and beyond the level of service and support you’re looking for.

Avant Garde offers a comprehensive IT service desk solution for organizations of all sizes – whether you require full/part-time Help Desk support, or a full-blown Technical Service Center. Our Managed IT Services provide all the benefits of an IT department without the cost of hiring an internal team. We focus on all aspects of your network, that covers system security to data protection, and everything between – let’s not forget or ignore hardware and software requirements. We are your ultimate IT department, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your network.

We’re often asked about the different types of services we offer and which are best. Simply put, support can be categorized into two categories – Hourly and Managed services support.

Hourly rate: used for emergency computer break/fix service, and low usage engagements
Managed IT Services: This is pre-purchase blocks of on-site, remote and phone support hours

Avant Garde Technology Inc., offers both options or we can customize a program to meet your specific business needs. Our comprehensive and professional approach means we are your IT department. Security, networking, data protection and user support – we handle it all. When you outsource the management of your important IT resources to us, we look upon this as a partnership.

We Work Best with Customers Who:

  • Have over 5 workstations in a network environment.
  • Need fast response time and remote diagnostic support.
  • Understand the value of preventative maintenance and proactive service to reduce downtime.
  • Want to mitigate risks from data loss, hackers, viruses, fires, floods, power outages or other disasters.
  • Are interested in working with an IT partner who takes responsibility for their entire network.
  • Wants to get the most out of their network with advice from a dedicated IT advisor.
  • Realize the value in paying someone to prevent problems rather than spending money to fix things when they break.
  • They want to focus on their business and stop worrying about their technology.

Managing IT systems can be a complex challenge, especially when your user and system base is spread across multiple remote locations. We standardize systems, utilizing any appropriate services and customer-owned technology to deliver efficient, low-cost, flexible managed IT service around the world.

Some of our Managed IT Support Services include:

  • Server support Services
  • End User support 
  • Network and Communication Services 
  • Technical and Maintenance Services