Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is a relatively new technology, but is already present in so many areas, some that you may not even realize. Think Apple and their iPhone products. Cloud systems allow for data and programs on servers not located on-site (data centres, etc.) to be accessed, shared, and used regardless of device or location. So for example, the computer you are working on in your office, if company is set up with cloud computing, can access files and informations located on a server located at a head office location across the country.


Cloud services provide a convenient and effective way to access and share key information across multiple locations and servers. While this service holds many functions, it is not relevant or effective for all types of business industries. Our team can work with you to provide all of the necessary information on our options, to help you make the most informed decisions.


Our basic cloud computing services include:

  • Hosted CRM
  • Hosted email
  • Cloud backup Services
  • Workstation and Server hosting
  • Application hosting
  • Data storage